12 May 2010

fly over

What starts as a morning in Detroit, ends as a late night in Tokyo. Seems like a simple enough task for those used to a skewed definition of a single day through the hours of an architecture school. However, this excursion adds the jump in time zones and the chasing of the sun.

Most all of us were in separate capsules, doing are best to race across to the other side of the world. Confined to tiny spaces we had nothing to do but over analyze are space and get to know our neighbors as activators of this limited zone. Truly limited in our own movements and frustrated that the sun never went down, what was lost in space was cut through all the time in the world. Somehow the 2 do not align.

Down below we were drawing huge lines on the earth. Connected from one point to the next. Our touches on the ground were light. Occasionally we'd cast a shadow, and then we'd run off to a new day.

For architecture this means a space like none other. It means a time that never finds itself, and a sun that never sets. It means we went somewhere for 19hours, but the clock says it was 32. We're researching this hoax.

Where to now?

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